Write for Us

Firstly thank you for considering writing for this website. What started as a personal website is now flourishing into a fully independent business.

And with that, brings new standards for content, SEO, design, growth and reach. In each of these categories the expectation is for the utter best, because any less is a loss. A loss of viewers, a loss of revenue, a loss of growth.

Why Do You Want to Write for Us?

It’s understandable, you won’t be writing for free. There is an obvious mutual exchange. Maybe you want to write an article to gain exposure as a writer or maybe you are writing to include a backlink to your website.

Just be honest. All collaboration is considered.

Writing Rules

Do NOT submit a plain text based article with a generic image from Unsplash.com. This is a waste of both our times.

Google will only rank articles with the best content. That means good writing, good images (multiple), infographs, tables. Look at my own content for examples.

These are the things that are required for a successful submission:

  1. Relevant images (multiple)
  2. Infographs (when relevant)
  3. Tables (when relevant)
  4. Q&A Section (when relevant)
  5. Around the 1000 word count
  6. Keyword research (what keywords are you targeting?)

The more of these you include the richer the content, and the more engaged the reader will be, and that’s beneficial to you whatever your needs are.

I continually review my content and any content failing to get views gets removed.

Lastly do your due diligence. This website is about the small creative business niche, and how to grow a business using websites, social media, blogs or an online shop.

That is the target audience and you will have a much better article to submit when you target this select niche.

Thank you!