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Instagram White Borders Templates Pack


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Using this template pack you can use my method of choice for creating white borders in Instagram, but only if you edit your photos in Lightroom and Photoshop; because once you have a photoshop template, it’s just a case of dropping the final photo on top and exporting.

The reason I do so is so that I can choose how my images are displayed. Instagram crops images larger than 1080px in your portfolio grid. And sometimes the crop is unflattering. When you might only get one chance to get a viewer to click though, it’s important that the thumbnail represents the image in the best format you intended.

In this free template Pack you will get:

1x Portrait Template 1080x1350px

1x Landscape Template 1350x1080px


Step 1: Unzip Template Pack

Step 2: Open the template in Photoshop

Step 3: Drop your image onto the top of the layer stack

Step 4: Resize the image that you imported

Step 5: Export

Check out my article on How to create Instagram White Borders to see two other ways to create borders and detailed steps on how to do so. And check my Instagram to see how I’ve used the templates to get an aesthetic that I suits my preference for displaying my images.


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