How to Start YouTube Again After Quitting (Best Solutions)

These are the most common reasons blocking you from starting and how to overcome them

Until a November it had been over a year since my last upload, after consistently working on YouTube for almost a year. I am now in the process of filming my next upload and now I can help you by shedding some light on how to start YouTube again after quitting.

This article is written to help you but is also partly cathartic as I’m in the process of starting again, and I feel so much relief, so I wanted to share what I did and am doing to get myself back into filming.

Why I Quit Making YouTube Videos

I’m subscribed to lots of YouTubers who never upload anymore, and they have a multitude of reasons for quitting.

For example, the Community Channel by Natalie Tran. She stopped uploading but is still active on Twitter. Natalie has moved successfully into TV in Australia. So it’s good to know she is moving on up in her career.

But for most other users who have quit you might never find out the reason. Some YouTubers completely disappear.

So to be clear, for me, I never stopped or quit. I never said ‘I give up on YouTube‘ or feel like I no longer wanted to be a YouTuber.

It was more that I always intended to make the next YouTube video but I just never got around to starting the next one. I want to explore my reasons and other YouTubers’ reasons for this:

Reason 1: Another Job

I would say this has to be the most common reason for YouTubers who quit. YouTube is hard, it’s arduous and long. It’s effectively a full time job.

Anyone who hasn’t ever made a YouTube video doesn’t understand this. How many times have you heard: “Making YouTube videos is easy“, or “All you do is click and record” or “It’s a video, how hard can it be?”

Wrong! Making YouTube good videos is hard work!

You have to script, you have to learn how to light, to film and to edit. These are all huge specific fields of expertise that have people dedicated to the craft and job; and you have to do it all.

But how do you create a video when you already have another job? If you work a 9-5, and lots of people work all sort of hours and days, how do you fit in YouTube? There’s no one answer for everyone.

Find the Time

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, so you have to do what you need to do to make room for YouTube.

That could be spending less time with the family, not watching Netflix or football or that other hobby. Sacrificing your time to make time.

It’s a hard judgement call. I started a new job this year and that job takes up most of my day, and even when I finish working I feel mentally drained. I have little left for anything else.

After these types of days you need to unwind and relax, to recharge for the next day.

I mainly use weekends to work; but, during the week I’ll ask family members to babysit to give me an hour here and there.

The key is to have a selfish mindset when needed. I feel bad when I don’t spend time with my family, and (less so) when I don’t spend time on myself to relax and reset; but, these are two things that are important for everyone to do.

However if I don’t take the time where I can allow for it, I’ll never get any work done. It’s all about time management. At the end of the day I am working hard so that I can create an income/job that will give me even more time for my family and for myself.

Reason 2: Having a Family

Following on from reason 1, having a family is one of the most time consuming things you can do in life. Nothing monopolises your time more than being responsible for a child.

But not just children, there are your responsibilities to your partner, someone you are caring for, friendships, and other close relationships etc.

For me this has been a big factor in how much time I have for YouTube.

Having a supportive partner or a supportive family network is helpful. Talking and explaining everything about YouTube can help create and motivate that support.

For me, YouTube isn’t a hobby, it’s a part of a business that I hope will open up more financial freedom and ownership. And also a place to express and share my work and creativity.

If I can be successful in this pursuit it will benefit my family. I’m teaching my son to follow your goals, to strive for success. By pursuing the opportunity for more financial avenues I can offer a better standard of living for my family.

Do not be mislead, money is one of the many direct factors for happiness. A family needs money to pay the bills, and money create opportunities. It’s up to you how you capitalise on those opportunities and if they can lead to happiness and contentment.

When I spend time with my family it’s like go time, I am present in the moment. This summer in which I write this article we’ve gone to the beach twice (Brighton and Hemsby), to two Zoos, rock climbing, a swim park, multiple parks etc. It has been full on.

Then when I sit down at my studio desk I am present in that moment too. It’s go time to work, and I don’t think about anything else.

Reason 3: Procrastination

Oh this is big one. If I could give you an answer to how to start YouTube again after quitting it would be to get over procrastination.

For me this is the reason that ties everything together. I want to dedicate a whole article to this one day, but this is my biggest failing. Procrastination is the hardest thing for me to overcome.

So many things get in my way. Everything is tied to procrastination, reason 1 and 2, and any other reasons.

Just get started.

If you want to do something, actually if you need to do something, you can move heaven and earth to do it.

Let me explain.

You can find an hour a day. But there are reasons/obstacles that stop you. Maybe it’s a little job that needs doing (but it’s not essential and can be done another time), maybe a quick work email needs to be sent, or you need to empty the bins, or you just want to see the start of this new series on Disney+.

Just get started.

There are lots of little excuses to keep you from working on Youtube. I still create excuses for starting. Yesterday I filmed part of my YouTube video, but I could’ve filmed more. Instead I took a 10 minute break and ending up watching the entire season of Reacher on Prime.

But I’m doing better than before. I’ve deleted TikTok from my phone, moved other social media from my phone’s front page.

There is a great book, and a super short read, that gave me great insight into procrastination from author Prof. Timothy Pychyl.

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Some of those insights I gleaned from the book include a mantra for when I feel the onset of procrastination about to hinder me: Just get started.

Think of your channel, that’s your goal. Think of the benefits of succeeding with that goal. Then realise the cost of procrastinating this goal.

Then focus on the work the YouTube video that needs to be made and just get started.

The Key to How to Start Youtube Again After Quitting

One huge obstacle for me starting to create my next YouTube video was starting. One reason for not starting was working out what to start doing first.

It seems obvious, but sometimes we overthink things and end up never starting because we can’t decide.

Plan Out Your YouTube Video

Having a good system for planning your projects is the key to this. This is the key to knowing how to start YouTube again after quitting.

I use Notion, which I think is the best planning app available. I’ve created from scratch a super productive project planner which takes me step by step through a project so I can focus on one step at a time.

That last bit is where I think the magic is with Notion. My Notion planner focuses on what I need to do and hides everything else until I’ve completed the task at hand. Once that task is completed, it moves me on to the next task.

how to start YouTube again after quitting

Obviously from the image above you can see I don’t always keep on task, but I know what to focus on and what I need to do.

I actually mix it up with a physical planner too. For my scripting I prefer to plan out the video with post it notes in a book. I write each task/scene on a post it and map out all the post its in a planner.

Having a good plan that keeps you on course will help you follow through and complete your YouTube video. For me discovering Notion has been a revelation for my productivity.


I hope this article helps you point point how for your situation. I’d be interested to hear if you did something else to help you restart your YouTube creating.

Don’t forget to check out more articles on this website. Also check out my Youtube channel to see if I’ve still not quit!