Godox SLB60W Review

Is the Godox SLB60W the best budget light and just as good as the Aperture professional lights?
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I have had my eye on getting a portable light that would double up as a good studio light. Surprisingly I could find little info on the Godox SLB60W.

When you conduct your own search for reviews and alternatives there will probably be two lights that are prominently recommended: the Profoto B1 and the Aputure 120D II.

The only problem is that the Profoto B1, while portable, is too expensive for my budget. The Aputure 120D II on the other hand is a bit less expensive, but requires a battery pack to be portable, increasing its size to two components.

My requirements were a small compact all-in-one portable light that wasn’t too expensive. I wanted a light that could be used in the studio and outdoors without taking up too much space. 

That’s when I found the Godox SLB60W. In this review I’ll show you why light is a great budget studio light, that is just as good as it’s more expensive rivals at a fraction of the cost.


The Godox SLB60W is the battery variant of the much cheaper AC adapter version, the Godox SL-60W/Y


Obviously the B stands for battery. The W/Y is to denote white and yellow for the daylight and tungsten versions available.

Godox SLB60W Battery

Godox use the Wistro XXX battery which retails for £150 online, if you need a second battery.

Godox rate the battery at 60 minutes on full power from a full charge.


In my tests I have found that the battery last around 2hrs at 50% power from a full charge.

Bowens Mount

The Bowens mount is a popular mount used by quite a few lighting brands. Which means when you change brands you can use the same modifier.

Godox SLB60W

The Godox SLB-60W has the versatility of the Bowens mount, which means you can use all your Profoto, Aputure, or Neewer lighting modifiers.

Godox SLB60W Remote

The Godox SLB60W comes with a remote which lets you change the power and select channels.

Godox SLB60W remote

One issue with the remote is that it is not bi-directional. Which means that the settings you change on the remote will not register/update on the light led info screen. 

Flickering Issues

The Godox SL-60W/Y (the adapter version of the Godox SLB60W) has been reported to have flickering issues with defective models.

If this is the case with this battery version then send yours back for a replacement. Most reports of this issue solved it by getting a replacement.

Godox SLB60W

The flickering issue can also occur in the Godox SLB60W, this is because the light is not a continuous light. 

Light flickering happens because the lights strobe at the line frequency of the electrical power. If your shutter speed is close to that frequency (but not the same) you could see flickering.

Fortunately I received a good model. And from my tests at various shutter speeds I have not detected any issues.

To see my tests, check out my video review for the Godox SLB60W on YouTube.

The Aputure 120D II and other top brand lights are usually continuous lights. So they do not have this issue.

Godox SLB60W Price

One of the main selling points of this light is the price. It is ⅓ of the price of the Aputure 120D II, which is not portable. And ⅙ of the price of a Profoto B10 which is portable.

The Godox SLB60W has incredible value for money for what it can do. 

Final Thoughts

If you are specifically looking for a portable battery powered light at a budget price, they are few and far between.

Another budget option is the Neewer Vision 4. Which is slightly cheaper (correct as of the date of publication of this blog), dependant on seller.

After that, there aren’t many alternatives at the same price range. Unless you look to AC adapter strobes and attaching a battery pack.

The next alternative is from the Profoto line but requires a big jump in budget funds.

I will continue to use the Godox SLB60W and would recommend it for anyone on a budget. This light is at a great price point, reliable and versatile.


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Godox SLB60W – Amazon US

Godox SL-60W – Amazon US

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