Feelworld F6 Plus Review

Is the Feelworld f6 Plus the best monitor for cameras?
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For videography, and even photography, adding a monitor to your rig can add an extra dimension of viewing and control. The go to monitor has and for many still is the SmallHD Focus, but how does the Feelworld F6 Plus compare?

My main cameras are my Canon 1DX2 and Canon 5D2 and neither have a vari-angle monitor. I previously owned the Canon 80D which did have a vari-angle monitor and I found it immensely useful, however it was quite small if I used it from a distance.

FEELWORLD F6 Plus 6 Inch Touch Screen DSLR Camera Field Monitor with 3D Lut Small Full HD 1920x1080 IPS Screen Suppor 4K HDMI Include Tilt Arm +Battery + Charger…
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In this review I’ll show you how solved my problem.

Multiple Angles

It might seem plainly obvious to say, but having an articulating monitor/flip screen that can vary its angle to multiple positions can be quite useful. 

However despite the tech to do this being possible, a lot of camera manufacturers don’t avail themselves of the tech. Only Canon have the best articulated vari-angle monitor on their mid-pro series: the Canon 6D series and the Canon 90D, going two generations back.

On many occasions I have found myself in a situation where I am reaching or positioning for a shot where I can’t see the monitor. I might be holding my hands above my head or getting a shot from as low as possible.

For a run and gun setup this monitor is too big. But for tripod shoots, for video and photography, the Feelworld F6 Plus is perfect.

Feelworld F6 Plus Specs

The Feelworld F6 Plus has a 5’7” 400ppi 1920×1080 FullHD screen that supports 4K input. 

On the top there is a 3.5mm headphone jack to monitor audio. There is a DC IN 12v for external power options. There is a mounting point which is repeated at the bottom. And lastly, an SD card slot for LUTs.

On the side there is an HDMI out to connect to external monitors as well as the main HDMI in port.

The major upgrade over the previous Feelworld F6 is that the Feelworld F6 Plus supports a touchscreen interface.

Feelworld F6 Plus

It has about 500nits level of brightness, which is quite good. Considering basic laptops start around 300 nits, this monitor should be able to be viewed in bright outdoor situations.

Touchscreen Options

Once connected if you swipe up from the bottom you’ll get six options for video:

  • Focus Assist
  • False Color
  • Histogram
  • Audio Monitor
  • Monochrome
  • Safety Marker

Notably what you are missing is Waveform and Vectorscopes.

Swiping from the left lets you access the menu settings:

  • Exposure Assist Features
  • Framing Menu
  • Video Settings
  • Color Settings
  • Monitor Settings

Packaging – Mount and Hood

Much like the SmallHD monitor the Feelworld F6 Plus comes with a mount and hood which further helps in bright light situations. It uses velcro fastening to attach itself.


The mount is an improvement on the previous Feelworld F6, which reportedly would require loosening the screw to tilt the monitor. This issue has been resolved this time around.

Packaging – HDMI 

The Feelworld F6 Plus comes with a Micro HDMI cable, but check to see your ports to see if it has this port. Like me, you may need to purchase a Mini HDMI cable which is not included (unlike the previous Feelworld F6 which did include the Mini HDMI cable).

I’ll provide an Amazon link to the cable that I purchased at the end of this blog article.

Touchscreen Limitations

The Feelworld F6 Plus has a fully functional touchscreen for its menus and options, however it does not let you use the touchscreen for your camera menus or moving the Autofocus point.

You still need to use your camera dials and buttons to go through the menu. In the case of selecting an autofocus point, this has to be done in camera.

Battery Life

Quite conveniently the Feelworld F6 Plus lets you use two different commonly used batteries: The Canon LP-E6 (and Canon LP-E6N) as well as the Sony NPF battery.

I was using the Canon LP-E6 batteries which I have plenty of as a Canon user. However I found I only got between 30-40 minutes of battery life; one old battery only had 20 minutes of life, which is not a lot. So I suggest you have plenty of batteries on hand.

One other minor inconvenience is that with the monitor switched off, if the battery is still attached it will still drain battery life. I have to detach the battery as soon as I am finished using the monitor.

Feelworld F6 Plus Latency

There is a very small amount of latency, which is just about perceptible, but not enough to be a dealbreaker in my opinion.

Feelworld F6 Plus Final Thoughts

Compared with its biggest competition, SmallHD or others like SWIT, Neewer and Sokani, the Feelworld F6 Plus was the most enticing when I was searching.

It has almost the exact same specs and features of the SmallHD 5” monitor for half the price, minus a few features.

If Waveform and Vectorscopes are critical to you when monitoring your video footage then spending a bit more for the SmallHD may be your only option.

In my case I needed a monitor to show me what I am filming from different angles of view. As well as having framing options, and focus assist features, which this monitor is more than sufficient for.


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