Canon EOS-1DX Mark III Announced

Canon's flagship line, the 1DX, is due a refresh in time for the 2020 Olympics, but it may still have unfinished business in the DSLR market. Could Canon move the Canon 1DX mark III to mirrorless? And what specs can we expect?

1dx mark iii

Update 18 November 2019

Canon officially announced the development of the Canon EOS-1DX Mark III on October 24th 2019. And what they announced was nothing short of fantastic news, especially for videographers. It seems Canon, with their DSLR segment, are going out with a bang. Here’s what we know:

  • 16FPS with OVF or 20FPS Electronic and Mechanic Shutter in LiveView mode
  • 5x 1DX Mark II buffer speeds
  • Deep Learning Autofocus
  • Dual CFExpress cards
  • 4K60P 4:2:2 10-Bit Internal in CLog and Raw Video
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Improved Battery Life
  • New AF Point Selection Tool

Is the Canon Mark III Mirrorless?

Canon have said that a new pro mirrorless body will be released next in 2019 and that turned out to be the Canon EOS Ra. All the rumors so far suggest that the next pro mirrorless will be a high megapixel body, possibly in the same vein as the Canon EOS-5DSR.

So this is not the Canon EOS-1DX mark III. The 1D line is usually a lower megapixel count.

This means the 1D line will remain in the DSLR segment for the foreseeable future.

With Canon’s big push in 2019 to catch up to Sony in the mirrorless market, this move to continue the 1D line in the DSLR segment shows Canon’s strategy.

The DSLR and EF market still has life in it. Its days may be numbered but Canon understands it will take a long time to phase out EF, and for RF to take over; and that they need to keep supporting it.

1D owners will probably be the last to convert. Your new and semi pro shooters will be able to swap to mirrorless easily due to not being tied down with heavy investment in the EF mount.

A Canon EOS-1DR will probably be the replacement for the Canon EOS-1DX mark III, if the shift to mirrorless continues.

What We Don’t Know


We have yet to have details on the megapixel count. This should be over the 20.2MP count of the Canon 1DX Mark II. Expect a small increment. The Mark 2 was only a 2MP increment over the Mark 1. So an educated guess would be 24MP.


Incredibly the Mark 3 will shoot Raw, however we are yet to know which version of Raw will be available. Best guess would be the same Raw in the C200, Canon Raw Light.

Canon 1DX Mark III Release Date

The 1D line is on a 4 year refresh schedule, and Canon seem to be sticking to it. Canon specifically target a release date before the Olympics.

The Canon 1DX mark II was announced in February 2016 before the summer Olympics in Rio. It’s predecessor, the 1DX mark I was released in 2012.

So we are expecting the Canon EOS-1DX mark III to be fully announced in CP+ February 2020; to be released maybe a few weeks to a month straight after.

The next year or so looks to be very exciting for Canon!

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