The Canon EOS R Pro

Canon users have been clamouring for a high end EOS R Pro body that exceeds the current EOS R offerings. So what can we expect and when can we expect to see it?

Canon EOS R Pro

2020 will be an exciting year for Canon’s mirrorless and DSLR market. Canon have already confirmed the Canon EOS-1DX Mark III. But what else is coming and can we expect the Canon EOS R PRO?

What has Canon said?

Image Resource’s Jan 2019 interview was an exclusive insight with Canon’s Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi, Group Executive, ICB Products Group, Image Communication Business Operations at Canon Inc.


During the interview Mizoguchi specifically stated:

Have no doubt that a professional model is coming, but perhaps it may not be the next model we introduce.

Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi

Mizoguchi went on further to confirm Canon are working on a ‘high end’ model, but that it may take some time to produce.

The next model, true to form, was indeed an entry level model, the Canon EOS RP. Following on from that model, Canon recently introduced the astro focused modified R, the Canon EOS Ra.

Now we know that development to production for Canon’s cameras is roughly an 18 month period, we can assume that since that interview took place, significant progress has been made.

Bearing that in mind, 2020 seems like a safe bet to see a Pro model.

Which EOS R Pro?

In the same interview, interestingly Mizoguchi states that Canon do not know when the R system will be able to catch up to the Canon 1DX Mark II autofocus capabilities.


Going on to say that this ‘pro level high end’ camera was still being considered; and that they are aiming for 1D X series autofocusing levels.

Does Canon consider only the 1D line as Pro? General thinking amongst Canon users is that Pro is inclusive of the 5D line. So does that mean when Canon speak of Pro they must mean the mirrorless 1D X equivalent.

I am of the thinking that the 5D line is amongst the Professional Canon cameras and looking at the Canon UK store it would seem they agree with me.

And the 5D range is what I will be discussing in this article. Check this article for my thoughts on the Canon EOS 1R.

Canon EOS R5 or 5R or Rs 

Canon have thrown out the the old naming conventions for the mirrorless lineup. 

With their DSLR lineup the use of numbers to indicate their level in the range has been clearly laid out. The 1 series, the sports/action orientated flagship camera at the top. Below that the next level of professional cameras, the 5 series. Then prosumer cameras increase to two digits and then three digit naming conventions.

So how will the mirrorless R lineup look when it’s fleshed out? 

Canon EOS 1R

Canon EOS 5R and 5Rs (High MP camera)

Canon EOS R and Ra

Canon EOS RP

Canon EOS Rc (asp-c)

Using the DSLR line as reference this is a good idea of what we could end up with.

The Canon EOS 1R is still far away, as Canon would surely not introduce it with the Canon EOS 1DX Mark III only just recently announced. The most likely Pro series camera will be a 5 series. It seems specifically, the Canon EOS 5DSr replacement.

Canon EOS R Pro
Canon’s 83 Megapixel Sensor

Canon Rumors reported numerous times that Canon has been developing an 83 megapixel sensor, having already filed a patent. The article noted some possible specs:

  • A slightly larger body and grip than the EOS R
  • 80mp full-frame image sensor
  • A “new style” of joystick similar to the Canon EOS 1DX Mark 3
  • Larger LCD than the EOS R
  • Larger viewfinder than the EOS R
  • The “viewfinder” can be tilted up and down 
  • Dual SD card slots
  • No word on IBIS
  • No word on video specs

Canon Rumors dubbed the camera the Canon EOS Rs, however as previously stated, the naming could be completely different when launched. 

Confusingly Canon Rumors also believe this is not the Pro Canon professionals are clamouring for. Even though the equivalent DSLR model, the Canon 5DSr is considered professional.

So it doesn’t seem we are getting a 5D mirrorless equivalent. If it is in development then Canon has kept the development secret well guarded.

High Megapixel EOS R Pro

All rumors are suggesting the next Canon is the high megapixel body and despite suggestions otherwise, this is indeed a Pro level camera. 


It’s just not the 1D or 5D most of us are more interested in. 

When can we expect the EOS R Pro?

In 2020, there are a few big events that Canon could use to showcase a new EOS R Pro camera body:

CES in January 2020

CP+ in February 2020 (where the RP was announced)

NAB Show in May 2020

Photokina in May 2020

Canon announced the development of the Canon EOS 1DX Mark III in October 2019, which is the first time it has announced any product development.

The announcement and launch will probably be in Q1 of 2020, so the CES or CP+ show will probably be the most likely shows where Canon can introduce the camera. This makes more sense considering the Canon 1DX Mark III will need to be launched before the Olympics where the 1D line will be most prominent.

Canon will want to leave some breathing space till their next camera. So that leaves the Q2/Q3 period for an announcement of the next Canon camera. 

Final Thoughts

Of course this is all speculation and conjecture based on the information we have. The hope is Canon introduce a genuine EOS R Pro camera that matches the incredible RF glass already available in 2020. 


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