More Post Tests

More Post Tests

Before the MAX conference starts, you have to select sessions or workshops you wish to attend. Sessions are presentations whereas the workshops give you a more hands on experience. You can select your sessions by going through the speaker list and selecting speakers you like or by browsing all the sessions.

This year I selected sessions from speakers that were not at all in my field. I thought it would be interesting to hear stories from creatives in fields that have nothing to do with photography or cinematography. I’m really happy I did that because I walked away feeling so incredibly inspired and energised. More on that later.

Below I’ve listed a few people and some of the things they said that really stuck with me. These quotes aren’t word for word what they said, it’s more about the general idea or the thought behind them that stuck with me.

Justin Punio is an Artist, Photographer and Digital Content Creator based in London, UK.

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