16 inch MacBook Pro 2019 Rumors

Recent reports suggest we could get a 16 inch MacBook Pro in 2019, but what specs and prices can we expect and will it replace the current 15" model?

16 inch MacBook Pro
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Earlier this year Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple would be releasing a 16 inch MacBook Pro, however it failed to surface with the 2019 MacBook Pro refresh

However recent reports, first sourced from analysts at IHS Markit, suggest Apple may still be releasing a new 16 inch MacBook Pro in 2019.

Jeff Lin, an associate director for consumer electronics at IHS Markit wrote in an email: ‘We foresee that Apple will release a new product (at the) September 2019 Apple event if there’s no unexpected development issue’.

Adding further credence to these reports is that Apple recently registered 7 unreleased MacBook laptops with the Eurasian Economic Commision Database: A2141, A2147, A2158, A2159, A2179, A2182, and A2251. Registrations are usually followed by announcements a few months after.

16 inch MacBook Pro Specs

IHS Markit reports the 16” form factor MacBook will usher in a new 12”/14”/16” line up for the MacBook Pro line going forward.


The most notable change will obviously be the screen, IHS Market reports:

  • 16” (3072×1920) 6k resolution. Upscaled 200%
  • TFT-LCD, not OLED
  • Display supplied by LG 

Apple have reportedly only just begun negotiations with Samsung to provide OLED screens for future Apple products. As this is still early on, expect to see OLED screens on Apple products no earlier than 2020. 


Apple recently hired a new lead ARM cpu architect which further confirms Apple’s move to replace the need for Intel chips in their MacBook lineups. We could possibly see this as early as 2020.

For this year, Apple would almost certainly rely on Intel’s latest 9th generation processors, specifically the H series, 8-core i9-9980HK, currently you can currently spec with the 15” MacBook Pro.


AMD have only just released their graphics chipset Navi, but at the moment we don’t have anything released that could be used in the 16 inch MacBook Pro. 

It is doubtful that Apple would keep with the now aged Vega 20 chip, so it seems likely that the release of the 16 inch MacBook Pro will coincide with the next Navi chip from AMD for mobile laptops.

This could be the reason the 16 inch MacBook Pro was not released alongside the 15” and 13” MacBook Pros.

16” MacBook Pro Release Date

IHS Markit report that this 16 inch MacBook Pro could be released in Apple’s annual September event. However this is usually reserved for the latest Apple iPhone announcement.

Such a large update would be overshadowed by Apple’s top consumer product and would not be ideal. A more feasible date would be around October. 

Apple released MacBook Pro refreshes in October 2018, offering the latest AMD Vega graphics chipset. A similar time would allow Apple to focus the announcement on the MacBook Pro itself.

Should you buy the 16” MacBook Pro?

Artists and content creators have for years been asking Apple to put more focus into their Mac and portable MacBook lineups for years. Apple would go long periods between refreshes.

Apple are now refreshing their computers regularly when new hardware is available. They are also redefining their line up to match market requirements.

The recent Mac Pro which was recently announced has been repositioned to target the high end pros. Pros with larger budgets like large businesses. You can spec the new Mac Pro up to $40,000. This is far out of the budget for most small businesses.

So could we see the same with the 16 inch MacBook Pro? A high end device for professionals with larger budgets? It all depends on who Apple are targeting with this laptop.

Will a 16” form factor MacBook Pro compliment the 15” and 13” models? Or will it replace the 15” model?

If it does compliment the 15” model, we could see increased prices in the same vein as the Mac Pro. Catering to the high end spectrum of Pros, and placing it out of reach, financially, for Pros further down with smaller budgets.

As for now we will have to wait and see.

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